Bolzano on Bolzano: A Hitherto Unknown Announcement of Bolzano’s Beyträge”. History and Philosophy of Logic (2022).

“… his discovery of an announcement of an 1810 paper which had previously been overlooked by Bolzano scholars should bring him well-deserved attention both from specialists and the wider history of mathematics community.” (Steve Russ; University of Warwick)

The 1804 examination for the chair of elementary mathematics at the University of Prague” (with Davide Crippa). Historia Mathematica (2021).

“The paper is a gem to read; very well organized by the authors. Highly recommended, mathematically and regarding history and education being involved, too!” (Robert W. van der Waall; zbMATH)

Continuity between Cauchy and Bolzano: Issues of antecedents and priority” (with Jacques Bair, Piotr Błaszczyk, Peter Heinig, Vladimir Kanovei and Mikhail G. Katz). British Journal for the History of Mathematics (2020).

“The various formulations of continuity given by Cauchy and Bolzano at different times are carefully analyzed, using both printed works and other primary sources (the records of Cauchy’s lectures from 1816–17, Bolzano’s mathematical diaries of the years 1814–15).” (Maria Teresa Borgato; Mathematical Reviews)

The notion of variable quantities 𝜔 in Bolzano’s early works” (with Carmen Martínez Adame). Historia Mathematica (2020).

“The paper is a significant contribution to the re-examination of the mathematical heritage of Bolzano specifically and the early 19th century more generally.” (Mikhail G. Katz; Mathematical Reviews)

The notion of natural numbers among Germanic mathematicians during the second half of the 18th century”. Revista Brasileira de História da Matemática (2019).

“The question of the status of natural numbers ran through the 19th century and finds a foundational answer at the end of this century in [Germany]. The author therefore asked himself the question of what was happening before.” (Olivier Bruneau; Mathematical Reviews)


“La reforma de la geometría propuesta por Bolzano en 1804” (with Davide Crippa). La génesis del conocimiento geométrico, María de Paz and José Ferreirós (Eds.), Plaza y Valdés (forthcoming).

Bolzano’s Theory of meßbare Zahlen: Insights and Uncertainties Regarding the Number Continuum”. Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, Bharath Sriraman (Ed.), Springer, Cham (2022).


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“… důraz [je] kladen na témata týkajících se povahy aktuálních matematických problémů. Ty byly pojednány s patřičnou úplností. […] Náležitosti vědeckého textu splňuje originálním způsobem.” (Reviewer)

Irrationality, transcendence and the circle-squaring problem. An annotated translation of J. H. Lambert’s Vorläufige Kenntnisse and Mémoire (with Eduardo Dorrego López; foreword by José Ferreirós). Springer, Cham (2023).

“The book as a whole is the most detailed and complete account of Lambert’s mathematical work on irrationality that has been written, and also discusses some of Lambert’s other scientific achievements.” (Reviewer)

Dilucidando 𝜋. Irracionalidad, trascendencia y cuadratura del círculo en J. H. Lambert (1728-1777) (with Eduardo Dorrego López; preface by José Ferreirós). College Publications (2021).

“It is a very interesting and deep study of [the] works by Lambert and a good source of information on this mathematician and the history of the irrationality of both π and e.” (Flávio Ulhoa Coelho; zbMATH)

Here is my PhD thesis, which was discussed at the meeting Bolzano in Prague 2017 and for which I was conferred the Extraordinary PhD Award.

My CV includes a list of all my publications and a detailed description of my research activity (conferences, teaching, etc.).